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Why Choose Us?

  • Be competitive in attracting talent
  • Automatic payroll withdrawals
  • Plan can grow with your company
  • The plan can grow with your company. At SmartPlan Investing, we have options to help your business establish a feasible 401k plan. We take out the guesswork and streamline the process for you.

Story of a private concert...

Upon entering the venue, I was transported into an intimate lounge. People mingled. The food was artisanal in presentation. Every detail from the arrangement of the room to the decor, had been thought out. There was no detail left unnoticed.

The event planner had their work cut out for them. You see, the host was not just throwing an intimate party for 200 people, but had a private concert arranged. Yes, every guest knew who the performer was. But it had to be special. Because this was night that would be remembered.

Curtains parted at the back of the room, revealing rows of chairs. The event planner and her team, quickly seated the guests. Because keeping on schedule was imperative. The host appeared on the stage and thanked everyone for coming. Then he introduced the performer.

Kenny Loggins. 

The event planner and her team, created memories. One that will be remembered for a lifetime.


While you’re planning the details of your event, let us plan the details of your retirement package.

Contact Us to set up a 20 min. consultation. Free of charge.

We Understand your Small Business.

  • For 50 years we have been a family owned Registered Investment Advisory firm. It was started by Robroy’s great uncle and was passed onto his father, Roy Wiley.
  • We are fee based.
  • No commissions on any product, we offer.
  • We are a coaching and education financial firm.

SmartPlan Simplifies...

SmartPlan Investing simplifies setting up a 401k plan for your solo or small business. A small business 401k plan can give you all the bells and whistles that the big plans have. 

Our process begins with a…

  1. Benefits questionnaire and meeting with a SmartPlan Financial Coach.
  2. Selection from our network Third Party Administrator providers – who become your partner for record keeping and due diligence on your 401k plan. 
  3. Educational meeting – with an interactive presentation ” Who wants to be a Millionaire?” and choosing your 401k mix.
  4. Electronic forms signed.
  5. Done. Set up to start contributing towards your retirement goals.

Call 770 - 450 - 6625 to speak with Robroy Wiley, Investor Coach.

Additional Value...

Coaching and Education Group workshops

The Mind over Money Group Workshop series is an engaging program, that helps your employees and you.

Through our Coaching and Education Group Workshops

How our behavior can effect us from reaching our financial goals. What those signs are and how do you recognize them. We have 25 years of data that proves, we are our biggest detriment to achieving our financial goals.

We also offer financial budgeting tools. Blue Money, which puts your financial picture all in one place.