Our Process

Our Process

Our process of shifting your experience from scarcity to abundance can be broken down into four simple steps: Connecting, Coaching, Consulting and Committing.

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Step 1


The very first step is to connect with one another. We have several connecting options to fit a variety of needs, such as: In Office Meeting, Phone Calls, On-Site, and our most popular The Virtual Meeting.

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Step 2


Think of it as life-coaching for investing. Coaching is an on-going journey and a key element of our process.

You are encouraged to attend our American Dream Experience and quarterly coaching events. - Click Here 

Step 3


This is where we will look at your assets and liabilities; as well as, your risk tolerance and time horizon. This mixed with the Investor Inventory, MRI and Coaching event will help you make an informed decision that you are comfortable with.

Step 4


The last step is making a lifelong commitment to this journey. Meaning you are ready to move forward working with SmartPlan Investing and are committed to the coaching process.

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