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Foundation Prudent Check-up

How does a Foundation Prudent Check up reduce having a donor issue?

Foundation's mission is;
to better the world around them.
To share their story and inspire others.
Enrich trust with donors.

The Foundation Prudent Check up reviews controls, compliance, and potential or existing conflicts of interest on a Foundations Investment Portfolio. A Foundation Prudent Check up is performed by an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) and CPA and reviews the seven practices on the Global Fiduciary Precepts. Which are:

Seven “Global Fiduciary Precepts”

1. Know standards, laws, and trust provisions
2. Diversify assets to specific risk/return profile of client
3. Prepare investment policy statement.
4. Use “prudent experts” and document due diligence
5. Control and account for investment expenses.
6. Monitor the activities of “prudent experts”
7. Avoid conflicts of interest and prohibited transactions.

Why does the process matter more than the outcome?

Watch our video with a conversation between Robroy Wiley and Roy Wiley, on the benefits of Foundation Prudent Checkup.

The above seven “Global Fiduciary Precepts” are then reviewed and checked through a four step process and criteria. The Foundation Prudent Check up reduces the exposure of the board of directors being liable for mismanagement of assets.

The four step process is an ongoing criteria, which assists in the efficiency of the Foundation fiduciary process.

That four step process is:


Repeat the process

The Annual Foundation Prudent Check up is a fiduciary responsibility designed as a system with a set of criteria to increase donor confidence and reduction of potential lawsuits.

Has your Foundation or Endowment had their Foundation Compliance Check up?

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Roy Wiley, CPA & AIF

Roy Wiley has the designation of an Accredited Investment Fiduciary. This designation means that Roy Wiley and SmartPlan Investing have a fiduciary responsibility to place a clients needs first. For more information on the Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation About fi360 PDF

Robroy Wiley

Robroy Wiley, is a Registered Investment Advisor and head of the Atlanta SmartPlan Financial Service division. 

Robroy Wiley, speaking at a tax seminar at the City Club of Buckhead.