What We Do

What We Do

Investor Coaching

Coaching transforms the investors experience with money and investing, leaving them with freedom, fulfillment and love. Our core belief is that investors need a coach, and without one, they resort to partaking in the destructive investor behaviors. These behaviors seem logical in the moment, but often erode at the investor’s peace, joy, and fulfillment. Investors discover these destructive behaviors at our American Dream Experience, and with quarterly coaching we build upon what they have already discovered, and they learn to lean on our coach’s knowledge and understanding to navigate all their financial decisions in an empowering way rather than fear, greed, speculation and emotion.

We believe coaching starts with discovering your true purpose for money: that which is more important than money itself. It begins with asking yourself this very simple question: “If I were at the end of my life, what would have to happen for me to be able to say I have lived a life without regret?” Through this question investors end up discovering their true purpose that transforms spending, saving, investing and giving decisions.


Investing Solutions

We offer investing solutions to individuals, business, not for profits and foundations utilizing an academic approach firmly founded upon empirical Nobel-Prize winning research creating freedom, fulfillment and love. 



SmartPlan Investing is proud to be selected as a SmartVestor Pro.

Our Purpose, Our Understanding of how markets work, Our Knowledge of from where returns come and how you can capture them are what sets us apart from other Pros.
How to choose the right SmartVestor Pro?


Human Capital 

Attracting and retaining skilled labor is a necessary component for business growth. One expectation is that a company will offer a corporate retirement plan as a part of their benefits package.

We offer corporate retirement plans that have a streamlined, paperless onboarding process that is scalable to your companies growth. We monitor and communicate timely fiduciary and compliance standards and documents to keep your plan current with ERISA guidelines. We ascribe to the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Standards. 


Do you have questions about your financial picture? Let's talk about it.

At SmartPlan Investing we have found that there is a profound difference in one’s investing journey when they work with a coach. A coach will help you transform your experience with money and investing in a new and powerful way. Explore our upcoming events and talk to a coach today to be registered into the coaching program.