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Mind Over Money Mastermind

Mind Over Money Mastermind

"How do you defeat those money demons? " - asks Robroy Wiley, Investor Coach. It’s one of the most popular sessions in the Mind Over Money Group Workshop. The Mind over Money Group workshop dives deep, helps you gain clarity and focus around financial goals and money.

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 Why is Defeating Your Money Demons one of the most popular sessions?

It sheds light on those mindsets and behaviors that have been adopted since childhood.
It’s the good behaviors and mindsets, we want to encourage. It’s the negative ones that we want to shift. Those negative mindsets that can be holding us back from moving forward.

The Mind Over Money Group workshop is 5 sessions that;
  1. Evaluates our mindsets around money & investing that destroy our peace of mind.
  2. Discover what is your true purpose for money.
  3. Defeat those money demons and take positive steps forward.
  4. Focus on your Future View “Goal Setting’ session – utilizing your true purpose for money.
  5. Evaluate what you are exchanging from feeling truly wealthy.

The Mind Over Money Group workshop is presented by Robroy Wiley, Investor Coach. 

The Mind Over Money Group workshop is most effective in a group setting. The size of the workshop group is limited to 5 people. 

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Money should be seen as a tool to help us achieve our goals and dreams. That old expression, ” Money can’t buy happiness” rings true even today. Robroy Wiley is an Investor Coach, whose own family legacy has had to reset how they think about money and wealth.

A family, whose history of money and wealth dates back to the Gilded Age. Where past generations squandered or nurtured the wealth legacy that had been entrusted to them. Robroy Wiley was exposed to the good and bad sides of wealth.

It’s the reason why Mind Over Money was put together. To help those who want to reset their thinking about money and wealth and reclaim their American dream.

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Maximum of 6 people per session

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 Mastermind Group

5 sessions; New sessions starting in late August.  Total cost – $300.00

*When signing up, please let us know if you belong to Atlanta Wed, Georgia Restaurant Association, City Club of Buckhead, or the BBA. Thank you.

Session Descriptions

Session 1 – Mind Over Money

We dive into the behaviors and instincts that can cause fear and anxiety. How does our cognitive reasoning possibly misguide based on our perceptions from the media and bits of information that we receive.

Mind Over Money presents the problem and starts the process on reseting; how you think about money and feeling truly wealthy.

This Session dives headfirst into the deep waters.

Session 2 – Discover Your True Purpose for Money

“ If i were at the end of my life, what would have to happen for me to be able to say I have lived a life without regret?”
Dickens question

A core attribute to building wealth is the emotional connection to what our true purpose is. This session is split into 4 exercises to evaluate and effectively focus on discovering your true purpose for money.

Session 3 – Defeating Your Money Demons

Positive money beliefs can help lead to investing peace of mind. In defeating your money demons workshop, there are four exercises. Each of these exercises have been designed to;

  • identify,
  • analyze,
  • unleash,
  • and defeat your money demons.

This session helps give you a defense to turn those money demons into positive ones.

Session 4 – Focusing on Your FutureView

“What we focus on we become.”

Focusing on your future view workshop is a different approach to goal setting. It begins with your true purpose for money and focuses on projecting into the future. There are 3 exercises that are designed and engineered to help you assess and focus on the next five years.

We are coming up for air in this session and seeing the future on the horizon.

Session 5 – Party Wrap Up & Evaluation

Let’s wrap up with fun and excitement. Session 5 begins with reevaluating where we started in Session 1. We will review one more time what we are exchanging in time, talent. wisdom, health, and personal network for accumulating wealth.  It’s also a time to unwind and share with the rest of the group.