What We Do

What We Do

Investor Coaching

“ If i were at the end of my life, what would have to happen for me to be able to say I have lived a life without regret?”

A core attribute to building wealth is the emotional connection to what our true purpose is. We offer this workshop to help our clients on the path to understanding their true purpose for money.


Investing Services

We believe in helping investors overcome the instinctive behaviors
that can destroy long- term results and erode confidence in reaching their goals.

The strategies, training and education we provide are designed to empower investors
to have breakthroughs in thinking and behavior with regard to money and investing.


Human Capital 

Attracting and retaining skilled labor is a necessary component for business growth. One expectation is that a company will offer a corporate retirement plan as a part of their benefits package.

We offer corporate retirement plans that have a streamlined, paperless onboarding process that is scalable to your companies growth. We monitor and communicate timely fiduciary and compliance standards and documents to keep your plan current with ERISA guidelines. We ascribe to the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Standards. 


Foundations & Non-Profits

How is the process more important than the outcome?

View a conversation between Robroy Wiley and Roy Wiley, on the benefits of a Foundation Prudent Checkup.



How to choose the right SmartVestor Pro?

First, let me say that locale should not be the determining factor in choosing a Pro, but rather philosophy. Just because a Pro may be located closer to you does not make them the best fit for you. Each Pro is independent and does not offer the same investing options, so it is important to find the right one for your needs. Learn more about our philosophy by clicking here.


Accounting & Tax Services

Our accounting & tax team work with small business owners to develop strategies that are well educated and goal oriented. And we can execute the necessary steps to reach those goals.

Comprehensive analysis and strategy plan to reduce taxes and maximize investment goals.

Coaching on financial business goals; Quarterly, 1-3 years

Strategic accounting that supports future goals through analysis and planning.


Do you have questions about your financial picture? Let's talk about it.