Episode 106 – Purpose for Money ( EOS system & Exit Business Planning)

EOS System & Exit Business Planning

Lynda Martin

Like you, professional business coach, Lynda Martin combines a passion for business with the drive to find new ways to do things better!

With over 25 years experience, both in small-to-midsize companies and large enterprises, Lynda works with the best and brightest business owners and leadership teams to clarify their Vision, define a strategy and then streamline systems and processes to give your business Traction. Partnering with your team, she takes a holistic approach to integrate daily activities into a cohesive, synergistic business plan.

As an experienced entrepreneurial leader, Lynda has refined her leadership and coaching skills over the years. She has helped over 100 leadership teams in businesses from solo-preneurs to those with 10-50 employees to enterprises like Nike, SnapOn Tools and Continental Airlines. Her past successes include growing for-profit subsidiaries by 150% to $800,000 for a religious organization and doubling annual revenues to $150 million within Norrell Staffing Services light industrial segment, each in a period of only 2 years.

Lynda is a Professional Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) Implementer™. She combines her diverse experience and passion with the proven EOS Model, Process and Toolbox to facilitate conversations, teach key principles and coach you to achieve serious business growth. Clients praise Lynda for her unique combination of communication and numbers skills, which help teams achieve the EOS Principles of Vision, Traction and Healthy.

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