Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

The Power Of Market

SmartPlan Investing is a registered investment advisory firm that offers portfolio solutions utilizing Nobel Prize Financial Science.

Here are a few things that make us different.

Institutional funds not retail funds – purpose: offers lower costs to investors
Capturing market returns of 21 distinct assets classes
Globally diversified in over 45 countries
Ownership of over 16,000 unique holdings

Utilizing Nobel Prize Financial Science: Free Market Portfolio Theory, Efficient Market Hypothesis,
Modern Portfolio Theory, and the Three Factor Model. Learn more.

Are market returns random and unpredictable?

We believe that market returns are random and unpredictable. Two most recent examples are Brexit and the Trump election. There were market predictions that were forecasting a down turn and a possible crash. The reality is that did not happen.

The image on the left; Randomness of Returns shows various asset classes: US Large Cap, US Large Cap Value, US Small Cap, US Small Cap Value, US Real Estate, International Large Cap Value, International Small Cap Value, Emerging Markets, and Fixed Income classes.

This image shows the returns of these various asset classes from 2003-2017. As you can see there is no pattern; meaning you can not accurately predict which asset class will be the best or worst performing from year to year, but the investing industry wants you to believe there are individuals that can. 

If there were someone, who knew where the markets were going, would they tell you? 

Since nobody knows what country, asset class, mutual fund, or stock will be the top performer from year to year, what is the solution?
Free Market Financial Scientific Investing that captures market returns of various asset classes in the U.S. and Internationally, without predictions and other tactics that kill returns.
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