3 Areas to Empower Your Employees to Improve Their Financial Wellbeing.


Personal Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. You and your employees will have an opportunity to discover what your true purpose for your money and your life really are. Through this exploration into purpose one will have the opportunity to discover how their external behaviors have not been in alignment with their internal values - leaving each individual a choice.

The choice to make a powerful declaration to live a life in alignment around their spending, saving, investing and giving decisions. These decisions will begin to align with their internal values and true purpose. Thus, resulting in freedom, fulfillment and joy. 
If the three biggest problems facing your plan could be magically solved, what would those three problems be?

Your access points:

    1, Discover your true purpose for money and life.
    2, Align your life with your purpose.
    3, Align your spending with your purpose.
    4, Align your saving with your purpose.
    5, Align your investing with your purpose.
    6, Align your giving with your purpose.


You and your employees will have an opportunity to put Financial Wellness into action. Financial Wellness focuses on the overall relationship with money. We believe this encompasses all three key areas: Personal, Financial, and Portfolio Wellness. Improving employee financial wellness can favorably impact an organization’s bottom line.

Employees who are financially unhealthy are often stressed and distracted, affecting absenteeism, productivity, retirement, and healthcare costs. We provide employers with valuable insight into the financial health of employees and the ability to measure the results and impact of benefit and wellness programs.

Your access points:
    1, Create your Emergency Fund Plan.
    2, Create a Budget Plan.
    3, Create a Debt Free Life plan.
    4, Create a 3 to 6 months of living expense emergency fund plan.
    5, Create your Retirement Investing Plan of 15% of income.
    6, Create a Higher Education Plan.

Budgeting isn't about limiting yourself- it's about making the things that excite you possible.
Each SmartPlan client has free access to a Personal Financial Dashboard designed to help them know what they have, where it is, and where they are going.


Portfolio Wellness is the access to building a portfolio that combines academic science and behavioral science to empower investors during any market conditions. We believe many retirement plans are sick or even on their deathbed. I know, harsh, right? Have you ever met someone with an invisible illness? They don’t look sick, yet they are. We have found the same to be true of many retirement plans. Comparing the structure of a portfolio to an engineered model we can identify viruses that, without coaching, can easily spread. These viruses may destroy one’s future. Fortunately, we offer a portfolio wellness check-up called a Portfolio MRI©. This in depth look identifies key issues in the plan that we can address before it is too late. We can prescribe a solution to curing the potential virus, by empowering you to discover them for yourself through our world class investor coaching program.

We understand when changes to retirement plan benefits occur, employees are often confused and uncertain, which can ultimately affect employee morale and retention. We work with organizations and their employees to address their needs and questions before, during, and after the change occurs to help them make empowering educated choices.
Coaching is developing investors to be prudent and disciplined throughout an entire lifetime.

Your access points:

    1, Build a portfolio that avoids the common investing pitfalls.
    2, Build a portfolio that follows Nobel Prize winning academics.
    3, Build a portfolio that has been empirically tested and has a history of success for real investors.
    4, Build a portfolio designed to capture returns of the global markets.
    5, Build a portfolio where the employee is not expected to be their own financial adviser, but has access to world class Investor Coaching.
    6, Build a portfolio that aligns with your true purpose and is a pull for you to win and fulfill on that purpose.

Do you have questions about your financial picture?

Let's talk about it.

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