Zooming Instructions

Given Zoom is being used for our virtual sessions there are certain realities we want to make sure you are aware of so that we don’t leave you with false expectations:

When attending a Zoom meeting or coaching session, it’s important to treat it just like you would an in person meeting or event.

1. Set up in a quiet location.
2. Be on the call/ no distractions: no checking email, no taking phone calls, etc.
3. Dress appropriately.
4. Be on camera (if using a cell phone have it set up and stable, no walking around)
5. Be on mute when you are not sharing (group meetings).
6. Turn off your camera if you have to step out and turn it back on when you return.
7. No eating while on the call.
8. Stay on for the entirety of the meeting.
9. Be on time. We strongly recommend that you join the meeting 15 minutes prior to the start of the session, so you have time to resolve any technical problems you might have before the start of the call.


1. Zoom: CLICK HERE Download Zoom on your computer or install the app on your smart device.

2. Internet: You must have a strong, stable internet connection. CLICK HERE We will be unable to assist or support you with any technical issues during the session, be sure to test your connection.

3. Gear: If you are joining by computer we suggest having a webcam with a built in mic and a set of speakers or headset, so you can hear.


  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleCreate a Zoom account if you do not have one already (free options are available).
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleLog into your Zoom account prior to joining the event/session.
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleDuring the call please make sure your first and last name are displayed.


  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleHave a reliable computer or other device on which to participate (note: joining with a cell phone is not advised).
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleYour audio should be fully functioning – this includes a working microphone and speaker.
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleConfirm your camera works properly.
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleHave your power cord available so that you can charge your device.
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleTo ensure you are prepared and familiar with Zoom, check your system requirements here.


Prior to the Call

  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleSet yourself up in a quiet environment conducive to learning with minimal distractions where you will not be disturbed, sitting stationary at a table or a desk, centered on the camera, and dressed appropriately for a group meeting.
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleBe prepared to fully participate for the duration of the event/session – get water, use the restroom, and handle anything else you need to do to be fully present during the event/session.
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleInform people ahead of time that you will not be available for the duration of the event/session.

During the Call

  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circle Connect to the Zoom call 15 minutes before the start to ensure everything is working properly.
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleEnsure your video camera is on (located in the lower-left corner of the Zoom screen).
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleFor sharing purposes, you must be able to see the screen on either a computer monitor, a stationary tablet, or a TV monitor – mobile viewing does not work. Families who are attending this event are encouraged to participate together and use the same screen.
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleAlways be on mute (located in the lower-left corner of the Zoom screen) unless sharing with the group – sharing will be prompted by the leader/facilitator.
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleZoom events are designed for participants to be on “Speaker View” (located in the top right corner of the Zoom screen), so you are advised to stay on this view for the majority of the event.
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleDo not eat or participate in other activities while on the call as it will be distracting (drinking beverages is fine).
  • qxio-android-arrow-dropright-circleIf you need to move around, temporarily turn off your camera and be on mute.

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