Investment Plans

Understanding The Investment Plans

No single investment guarantees both the greatest returns and absolute protection from all risk. SmartPlan recognizes that your two basic goals are capital growth and preservation of capital. The following investment plans below allow you to choose how much emphasis you want placed on growth and how much on preservation of capital by reducing the risk of capital loss. Each involves a different approach to managing your funds in order to reach your goal.
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Past performance is no guarantee of future results. These simulated returns do no reflect any portfolio managed by Matson Money Inc. This chart illustrates back-tested returns based on historical data from various indices representing each asset class of the hypothetical portfolio. It includes reinvestment of dividends and capital gains, and deduction of a 2% management fee. The endnotes contain more information on the inherent limitations of back-tested performance and the representative indices used to generate the hypothetical portfolio. No representation is made that your investments will achieve results similar to those shown.

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