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Manifesto for Future Generations

One of the largest wealth transfers in the history of the world

will be from the baby boomers to the millennials. Statistically 40% of all millennials are entrepreneurs. So, what is the most valuable asset that the baby boomers can pass on to the millennials? Your story.

You need to share your story of how you built your business and your wealth. This is something that not anyone and everyone can gain with an MBA. They need a direct account of your particular financial wisdom, and your business acumen, and they need to hear it from you, in a form they can preserve for posterity.

How do you share the emotions, the experience and the lessons you learned with the next generation of entrepreneurs in your family? How do you put it all together, capture your unique essence and perspective and preserve that unique quality?
Has anyone yet figured out a good way to make that happen and come alive? The answer yes. Now, there is an easy way to preserve your unique legacy in a form that resonates with future entrepreneurial generations and shares with them your experiences.

StoryWill was created in February 2016 to be the ultimate gift of the baby boomer generation to the entrepreneurial millennials and he is looking for entrepreneurial baby boomers to tell their story to their next generation. In the spirit of the American Dream, he knows there is a risk. This gift that creates and sustains an emotional connection between generations in posterity is huge!

You may be thinking, "Why buy in to this product?"

If you are a baby boomer, the answer is that you were once an entrepreneur starting out and people took a calculated risk with you. Perhaps you are now still developing new opportunities. Do not wait until memories fade . . .capture the essence and insights now for your young family.

If you are a generation-x to millennial, seize the precious moments, experiences and trials of those who come before you before it is too late. There is so much to learn and share and you can keep that with you after your elders have gone and share it with your children so they can better know, learn from and share in experiences with family elders. Do not let this opportunity slip away.

To be pioneers is in our blood. Share the journey, emotion, inspiration and story behind your American Dream. Robroy is looking for pioneers to start the Story-Will movement. We have room for twenty baby boomer entrepreneurs who see the value of sharing their story with their next generation for the first generation of Story-Will legacies.
As StoryWill grows to be a multi-million-dollar company or a billion-dollar company, what family would not want to say that they were a pioneer in the movement and make that a part of their Story-Will journey.

So, Who wants to be a pioneer? Pick up the phone and call me now. The first 20 entrepreneurs get the Pioneer medallion etched in gold on their Story-Will legacy.

Call 770-450-6625 or Click to email.

Check out our post on the StoryWill Vision Board. and Update! The best week ever in the history of StoryWill.

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