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Purpose for Money – Episode 104 Money & Happiness

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Episode 104 – Purpose for Money

Subject – Money & Happiness

In this episode Chris Butsch, author of 'The Millennial's Guide to Making Happiness', and I discuss the phrase 'Money can't buy happiness'. Chris has his own twist on the phrase. He has traveled around the Unites States and internationally to interview people on the subject of happiness.

  1. Chris shares his journey towards happiness.
  2. What is the difference between pleasure and happiness?
  3. How do you measure wealth and happiness?
  4. How can we build happiness as a muscle?
  5. What scientific research backs up the subject on happiness?

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Chris Butsch
Robroy Wiley 770-450-6625 Atlanta, Ga.

Like many others I found happiness early in life by giving up my pursuit of financial wealth. But unlike others, I didn't stop at finding one or two things which made my life fulfilling and joyful again; I wanted to holistically understand happiness and pass along what I'd learned, so no one else in my generation would fall into the same pitfalls as I did three years ago.

After graduating from Vanderbilt University a semester early, I eagerly dove headfirst into "adult world" by accepting a lucrative job with Epic Health Systems as a project manager. Two and a half years later I'd achieved many of our society's traditional benchmarks of success: fast car? Check. Impressive apartment? Check. Financial freedom to travel, eat, and drink whatever I wanted? Check, check check.

So it may come as a surprise that in June of 2014 I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Clearly I was doing something wrong.

My bow-tied psychiatrist prescribed me Wellbutrin and wished me luck. But when I noticed that our country's penchant for pharmaceuticals has done nothing to reverse our slipping happiness levels, I decided to begin exploring natural ways to mend my happiness. I began obsessively researching ways to be happy and taking actions in my own life; I maintained a rigorous exercise regimen, learned how to cook, and surrounded myself with the friends and family I'd alienated on my quest for a bigger paycheck. 

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Sunday, 26 March 2023

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