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Update! What’s been going on with StoryWill

This has been the best week in the history of StoryWill so far.

As a fellow entrepreneur and for my family's next generation. The week of May 23 – 27 was the best week ever in the four month's of StoryWill.

" A still shot from the shoot."

On Tuesday May 24 we shot a completely brand new video for the site. Yes, I got a professional videographer who did a fabulous job. Tom is a local videographer in the Atlanta area and came by referral from a great friend.

Just take a look at the video. It speaks for itself.

Then on Wednesday May 25 I did a live radio interview on the Pro Business Channel with hosts Rich Casanova and Craig Williams. As soon I get the link I will post the entire interview and snippets of it.

Yes, I did have butterflies in my stomach. But being a former thespian I knew once the tape and interview started rolling they would go away.

Then on Friday May 27 my editor Suzannah and I decided on changes that will be made to the StoryWill site. It crashed but we got it back up.

Thank you to my subscribers and other fellow entrepreneurs who have been giving me great support and feedback.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2023

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