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Vision Board for StoryWill – product/service

 American Dream – these words embody the heart of StoryWill. A family sharing with their next generation the story of how they pursued the american dream.

Image of Skyline of New York City & Statue of Liberty – represents the many possibilities to build your dream and the freedom to move up in society.

Image of the man in the double breasted suit on laptopStoryWill represents the older generation passing on to the younger generation there financial wisdom. The black & white contrast is nostalgic with the laptop representing the modern aspect of society.

"Establish a pattern of greatness" – this is a great phrase. One generation establishing a foundation in regards to money and business for the next generation to build upon.

Image of the people – represents society in regards to who can be impacted by the stories.

Cultural – represents the influences external and internal that shaped the projection of the family business and their story.

Events – StoryWill is an event for the family to celebrate together.

Sustainable – the model and foundation should be sustainable to continue going forward.

image of the man in the blue suit – the color blue represents the sky; being hopeful and looking forward. But still grounded.

Business – represents exactly what it is.

Image of the library leather bound booksStoryWill is produced in self binded leather bound book. It is unique and personalized to the family and can be seen as a historic book to pass down generations.

Image of the person with the map – stories, wisdom, and thoughts on finances, money, and wealth give the next generation a guidepost and architect to follow for the future.

Video – my story will version is being documented in video for my next generation. Of course, a video that a family does is kept private and confidential only for their purposes.

Introducing – because StoryWill is new. It was launched in February 2016.

Celebrate our first ten stories – A celebration is worth it. Because the first ten could be apart of something historic. However, they can choose to remain anonymous and private. I just want to celebrate that milestone for the business.

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Saturday, 25 March 2023

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