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Did you know? Florence Chadwick and the challenge she faced.

Did you know, Florence Chadwick and the challenge she faced? She had accomplished swimming the English Channel both ways and was the first women to do so.

It would be her swim in the Pacific Ocean that a lesson can be learned from.

Hi I'm Robroy Wiley, Investor Coach. A main challenge is helping my clients recognize those behaviors that can derail them from achieving their financial goals and learning to disarm them.

Florence Chadwick in 1952 stepped off the Catalina Island in California. She was determined to swim to the mainland.
The weather was foggy and chilly that day – she could hardly see the boats accompanying her. Florence swam steadily and after fifteen hours she was exhausted.

Florence asked her mother,who was in a nearby boat to take her out of the water. But her mother insisted that Florence was close. She continued to ask to be pulled back into the boat.

When Florence got on board, she realized that the mainland shore was less than a mile away.
She was so close to achieving her goal. Florence did this swim a second time, the same conditions applied, the fog and chill were present, the exhaustion after fifteen hours setting in.

But the difference this time, Florence visualized the shore.

The takeaway is Florence recognized her blindspot and took steps to push through it.
As an Investor Coach, my objective is to help you see those blindspots and have breakthroughs that help you achieve your American Dream.
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